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Welcome to our online portal of classes and content designed to bring you back home to your body. Our bodies are our homes, our temples that we must care for each and every day for optimal health and wellness. A studio class may not be available to you at all times, so we designed these programs with the student in mind. Each class is designed to a particular theme or area of the body. Scroll through our offerings and subscribe to our YouTube channel to receive updates on when new content is posted.


A prenatal yoga program meeting you where you are on your journey into motherhood. This series features 3 programs, one for every trimester of your pregnancy. It includes mindful modifications and transitions for mothers to be while guiding you through the emotional and energetic shifts that take place throughout pregnancy.

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Udaya Yoga

A series of practices designed to teach you and guide you through the 7-main chakras, or wheels of energy, in your energetic body. There are 6 vinyasa based classes designed to open up and balance the first six chakras and one meditation for the 7th chakra. The series finishes with a personal practice that brings all the lessons together into one 40 minute flow.

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Yogis Anonymous

Practice with world class teachers on a platform that films content live from their home studio in Santa Monica. You will feel as though you’re in the yoga room practicing amongst other yogis.

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The Green Yogi

Awarded “The Best Studio in the South Bay” for several years in a row, now you can practice with their beloved teachers online anytime, anywhere. There are over 400+ classes ranging from 5-75 minutes with plenty of quick tips to improve your practice. Learn more