An International Yoga and Meditation Teacher, Ali provides holistic healing practices to help you feel good in your body, present in your mind, and empowered to live a life you love.

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Connection is at the very heart of everything we do. We seek to bring you into greater connection with your mind, body and spirit.

When we feel more united within, we feel more interconnected to the world around us.

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The secret to having it all, is knowing you already do

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What people are saying

Ali is able to find the exact words to help you approach your edge while keeping safe with proper form and alignment. Her classes are fun and challenging, you can feel her genuine love of yoga through her words and actions. She’s a warm, intelligent and friendly teacher, with lots of original insight into how yoga can work for you.
— Dean Miya
I always walk out of Ali’s classes feeling stronger and more refreshed than when I walked in. She gives excellent instructions and really pays attention to each individual student’s needs, not to mention she also has great music!
— Connie Woo
Ali is an amazing yoga teacher! Her class is both relaxing and challenging. Not only does she calm you with her voice, but her flow keeps you on your toes (literally and figuratively). The pace keeps you moving, and Ali is so encouraging throughout the class. Mix in her great playlist, and you have an amazing yoga experience. I will definitely be practicing with her again.
— gloria ko
I’d not taken yoga before and didn’t even know enough to bring my own mat. Ali’s routine built upon itself in a manner that allowed me to match the pace of those in her class despite my complete lack of familiarity with the terminology or poses. I left the studio feeling satisfied that I was able to handle the program (minus the inversions) and blissfully exhausted.
— Rob Rudolph