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Meditation to Calm the Mind

Ali MasonComment
Meditation to Calm the Mind

As a new mom, I have a hard time finding time for myself.  I used to have tons of time to practice yoga, meditate, cook, run around outside, and converse with my husband.  But now, I struggle for 20 minutes.  Today, I found time.  My baby went down for a nap and I rolled out my mat.  After 10 minutes of warming up, I found stillness; that feeling inside of me that got me hooked on yoga in the first place. From there, I dropped into a deep meditation and this is what came of it.  I share this with you in hopes that it helps you reconnect with the present moment.


Meditation for the busy mind

Close your eyes

Take 5 deep breaths

Allow your inhales to come in through the nose

Allow the exhales to blow out through the mouth, perhaps making a straw shape with the lips to release any heat in the body

Bring your awareness to the body, notice where the breath expand in the body, notice where it’s stiff and contracts

Breathe into the tight spaces, expand the breath to those spaces

Bring your awareness to your mind

Imagine tiny droplets falling into a pool of water

Watch the droplets fall one at a time

These droplets are your thoughts causing a ripple effect of energy and vibration in your body, in your life

Notice how quick the droplets fall and notice if, with time, the pond begins to still

Stay will the stillness until you feel the body exhale and the mind release

Stay in this open expansiveness 

Notice what shows up, notice the thoughts, watch them drop, and witness the ripple effect until it fades away and you rediscover stillness

*the goal of meditation is not to live in an 'empty mind' but to keep returning to the present moment

When you feel complete and you feel the stillness within, take a deep breath in through the nose

Exhale out the mouth

Repeat this affirmation: Today I choose to be present

Wiggle your fingers and toes

Open your eyes

Begin your day